Electrical Safety Services in North Queensland


At Robon Electrical we know that safety is a significant issue for residential, commercial & industrial clients in the Cairns and North Queensland areas. We are committed to ensuring all your electrical systems, fixtures and appliances are installed, maintained, repaired and run correctly and safely.

When it comes to electrical safety and the consistency and reliability of your electrical supply there is absolutely no room for compromise. The safety of your home or apartment and family is crucial. Not only would a power outage or equipment failure cause inconvenience, a lack of concern for electrical safety can result in serious problems - such as electrical fires.

We are committed to ensuring all your electrical systems are up to code, based on the requirements laid out by local, regional and national laws. We take great care to complete all installations and repair work with safety number one priority. If you have an older home or apartment we can upgrade wiring, power points and fixtures as they become outdated or unsafe.

Safety Switches

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A safety switch is also known as a disconnect switch or a load break switch. These switches have many purposes but they are primarily in place to disconnect electrical appliances from their power sources. These switches are an extra safeguard against electrocution at your house or apartment. They are very useful both indoors and outdoors. They assess the flow of electricity through your circuit, shutting it down if there is a surge.

If you are dealing with an appliance that is not functioning correctly and you touch that appliance, you can come into contact with a faulty electrical circuit. The safety switches serve as the middle man making sure you do not get an electrical shock. These switches can shut down the circuit immediately.

If you're concerned about faulty wiring, appliances or damaged areas of your home, you'll want to have safety switches installed at your property. While it's possible to buy these switches independently, we believe asking an expert to complete the work is a much safer idea.

When you hire Robon Electrical we can check over your home to see if there are any potential problem spots. It is especially true if you have outdoor electrical power points and wiring in your front or backyard. Even some indoor appliances, fixtures, room or areas may require extra precautions.

Environmental Management

At Robon Electrical we also understand that electrical products and processes can negatively impact the environment. We care about sustainable environmental practices and will work with you to reduce your footprint and point out ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your house or apartment.

With Robon Electrical you can be 100 per cent sure you are getting the absolute best electrical services in Cairns and North Queensland. We will make sure every aspect of your wiring, circuitry and electrical appliances is running safely and efficiently.