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Robon Electrical Pty Ltd was originally founded on providing efficient and cost-effective services to meet the ever-changing trends and progress of the electrical industry. While we do a lot of work for our commercial and industrial clients, we also have a thriving residential, commercial & industrial business.

We want residential, commercial & industrial clients in Cairns and surrounding North Queensland communities to know we are always here to provide the best and most affordable electrical services for them. We will install, maintain and repair your electrical systems and appliances as necessary and we have many years experience, training and expertise.

We really care about our workmanship and about delivering the best electrical services at reasonable rates. When you are dealing with an electrical issue, our electricians will provide a superb and friendly service.

Our relevant licenses are (ECL 65117 and Refrigerant License L039559).

Company History

Since 2004, we have been servicing the Cairns region for all residential, commercial and industrial clients. We started in the Cairns area by helping clients with electrical systems involving high voltage fields, including 11KV up to 66KV maintenance and operating. We specialise in the electrification of massive industrial factories and production plants such as the glass bottle factory Consol Glass.

We registered Robon Electrical in 2012 and we continue to expand our scope as licensed and specialist electricians. We are available to help residential, commercial & industrial clients with anything related to their electrical systems. Our point of difference is we adopt a no job is too small policy. For our domestic clients, anything electrical in your home from electric hot water systems to smoke alarms to lighting fixtures, fans, safety switches, we can manage it all. For our commercial clients, our services include anything electrical you come across in a shopping centre.

Robon Electrical is run by Ronnie De Swardt. We are natives of the Cairns area, drawing on our expertise, training and understanding of the local communities to deliver the best electrician service in the region.

We have combined expertise of more than 20 years in this industry. We are registered high voltage operators and have been working for the City Of Cape Town and Xstrata Mines for the past 12 years (respectively) on their high voltage systems.

Robon Electrical pride ourselves in being able to give our clients a personal touch with our services, this kind of personalised service is only possible for smaller, boutique businesses. Not only is Ronnie qualified as installation electrician, he has also obtained the qualification of “Master Electrician”.

What light bulbs provide the most energy efficiency?

LED bulbs are the answer if you are seeking the most energy efficient solution for your lighting fixtures. They consume less power and advances in technology mean they are brighter and cheaper than ever. Not only do they lower your electricity bill, they last a very long time and require next to no maintenance.

My smoke alarm keeps beeping. What can I do?

The first thing you must do is see if there is any smoke in your apartment or house. Check for any issues before you determine whether it's a false alarm. If you have a carbon monoxide detector that is beeping you may need to call the relevant authorities so they can send someone to perform an emergency check. Read more

Do I need a safety switch at my home?

Yes, safety switches have been compulsory in all new homes since 1992. Aside from that, we believe a safety switch is a smart move for any house or apartment. They can save lives, especially if you have faulty wiring or an appliance that is not working as it should. It's a minimal investment that has a massive upside.